They DO look like birds!

Let me gush about them: dinosaurs. I have always been a dino-freak. Known in some circles as “Tarasaurus” (a nickname earned in 7th grade), my first published work actually appeared in “Dino Times.”

Dino Don really liked my question about the difference between the velociraptor and other species.

Just about every kid likes dinosaurs, and they aren’t necessarily a geek thing. However, this crazy raptor-attachment is totally something I share with many of my geek friends. The first time my friend Jawa Scott said “clever girl” in front of me last year, I laughed with glee. I mean, who else likes Robert f*ing Muldoon as much as me? Many geeks, apparently.

When I was a teen and read/saw “Jurassic Park,” I totally wanted to be Dr. Ellie Sattler. My mom was pretty happy when I decided to be Ellie for Halloween since the costume was pretty easy, too. I totally wanted to be in love with Dr. Alan Grant, too.

If paleontology didn’t involve so much digging and math, I’d probably be a paleontologist right now, searching for fossils and complaining about my skin’s inability to tan in the middle of the desert somewhere. Alas, I’m a writer. I probably make the same income as most paleontologists (not a ton) and get to work in a comfy, air-conditioned cafe. Still, part of me wonders…what if?

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