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Featured Contributors

11086980_10206593356216835_1586834528_nMisha Miller – Society & Culture, TV, Music, & General Assignments – I’m Michelle Miller (AKA Misha Mayhem), and I’m probably the person that your parents warned you about. I am the co-founder and co-host of the podcasts, SNARCast and SNARCSports, and the bacon-themed web show, Bacon Strippers. I wear many fandom hats, but the one you’ll see me reference constantly, is pro wrestling. I am also very enthusiastic about my geek god of choice, Kevin Smith, as well as all things nostalgic from the ’90s. I even cosplay as Quail Man and Daria. I’m loud, opinionated, snarky, and watch entirely too much TV. Life is good.

Jill R11893743_10101299606964507_8393959155463387595_oobi – Panelist, Society & Culture, TV & Music – Jill Robi is a writer first, and a fangirl second. A Chicago native with a BA in fiction writing, she is an author, a journalist, movie aficionado, self-proclaimed geek, avid comic-con attendee, panelist, and cosplayer. A freelancer, she continues to grow her own creation, Fangirl, as a press and film critic.

Jill is a seasoned writer, predominantly known for her interviews. She has worked for Unite4:Good magazine, where she cut her journalistic teeth with legend Dionne Warwick, a plethora of CEOs and various musical talent.

A freelancer, she has worked for the Sugar Gamers and Black Girl Nerds. Jill regularly contributes to The Geek Initiative as a press and film critic.

Currently, Jill is working on her fourth novel. Not keen on being traditional, it is also her fourth, vastly different genre to write in [street contemporary]. Though she favors pop-fic and chick lit, Jill also likes to write poetry, noir, and sci-fi/fantasy.  She particularly loves exploring character studies.

She writes first and foremost for her own entertainment. She hopes that by sharing her work with the world, she can also achieve the entertainment and enjoyment of others as well.

11134383_10206642200077901_1822180623_nKathleen Burns – Television/Film – Kathleen is a well-rounded geek; LARP and D&D games are her usual haunts. She’s a fan of comics from Marvel and Dark Horse too. When she isn’t patiently waiting for the Doctor to find her, Kathleen can be found watching movies and shows that involve sci-fi, fantasy, or supernatural elements. Kathleen works in social media marketing as her day job, but she’s also a blogger, podcaster, and professional voice actor.