Fight Like A Girl Issue #2 - Action Lab

Fight Like A Girl Issue #2 – Action Lab

Have you ever had an argument with your friend who wants you to do something differently because they are worried about what would happen to you? Yeah – me too. Welcome to Amarosa’s life in “Fight Like A Girl, Issue #2,” an Action Labs comic written by David Pinckney and illustrated by Soo Lee.

Respect and Coming of Age

In the last issue, Kaiden seemed to gain respect for what Amarosa had signed up to endure. At the beginning of this issue, though, he questions her again. He seems genuinely concerned. He presents obstacles and scenarios – and then he puts a comforting hand on Amarosa and she swats it away and walks off on her own.

This is a part of growing up – and also a part of friendship. However, it’s especially poignant because Kaiden offers a perspective of privilege as a white male. The comic and its creators aren’t shoving the message at the reader, either – and I like Kaiden, he’s a decent person and a caring friend from what we can tell. But the point is worth remembering.

Audience: An Added Pressure

Amarosa learns that an audience is watching her trials. This is just like growing up or performing at a job under pressure – everyone is watching, and it can just add to the stress of an already difficult task. This makes navigating the task of finding herself all the more difficult for Amarosa, but of course she is up to the task.

The Art of Soo Lee

As I mentioned in my first review, Soo Lee’s art art style conveys motion extremely well. This issue features Amarosa getting a jet pack in a futuristic dystopian environment. The plot and art really connect in this issue.

Additionally, the multiple tones in the background of each panel really allow certain scenes to stand out.

Never Give Up

This issue of “Fight Like A Girl” expands on the ‘never give up’ theme. Without spoilers, I’ll say that Amarosa learns a great deal about strength, resilience, and positive thinking from her sick brother – who we have yet to see.

Like the first issue, this one had some grammatical errors (bare vs. bear, omission of words) which can detract from the fluidity of the story, but overall that would in no way deter me from checking out future issues.

I hope future issues show the judges/gods’ reactions to Amarosa’s accomplishments. While it would be nice to know what they think about her indomitable determination, I’m glad the pages are used to show what Amarosa thinks and learns about herself – that’s the most important.