My Goodwill haul.

My Goodwill haul.

On your salary, can you afford all the LARP gear you want AND all of the clothes you need to wear in work and everyday life? I can’t. So when I spend money on LARP gear, I go for value.

Over the years, I’ve utilized the following techniques to save money:

  • Repurposing items (my favorite half-cloak used to be a skirt)
  • Investing in one high-quality piece and purchasing second-hand items to match
  • Play a character who wears a few of the same items I do
  • Lost of persistent second-hand store shopping

On that last point – it’s a hit or miss. Most times, I leave Goodwill empty-handed, whether I’m looking for LARP items or personal items or both. Today, Christmas came early.

I scored a $55 haul of items for LARP and personal use. Only a handful of the items will require alteration, and all will look specific to my character’s culture (it’s Celtic-inspired). I also managed to find a new with tags grey winter coat for everyday use. I’ll pair my ‘gear’ – more expensive costume items like corsets and bodices – with the second-hand basics.

What are your favorite second-hand store finds?