About The Geek Initiative: Celebrating Women in Geek Culture

The Geek Initiative was founded in May of 2013. After co-moderating and/or participating in a popular online Avengers role playing group, the founding editors decided to collaborate on a website that would feature geeky content from a feminist perspective.

The Geek Initiative aims to explore anything and everything geeky – film, literature, cosplay, conventions, video games, RPGs and more – on a site that celebrates and respects women’s contributions to geek culture. For more information, see our full mission statement.

Learn about our editors.

Read about our contributors.

Please note that we do our best to represent an inclusive feminist standpoint. This means we welcome:

  • An intersectional approach.
  • Opinions from everyone who supports equality, regardless of how they identify (though believing women should be at the forefront of a feminist movement).
  • Differing opinions – if you’re curious about that, get all of our contributors into one chat and ask how they feel about Anita Sarkeesian. From adoration to vitriol, our opinions run the gamut. We discuss issues and disagree with each other respectfully sometimes. That said, all published opinions do not reflect the opinions of the editorial staff. We do not publish hate, discriminatory content, or hurtful things, but we do not stringently police our contributors.

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