Author: Raul R.

“As he grabbed my breast I felt weaker than him…”

“He grabbed my breast and this is how I felt…” So on a seemingly random Sunday I had volunteered to help out with a zombie versus survivor game to aid a local theatrical troupe. I ,of course, needed to campify my existence because I was actually in a personally bad mood that day. So I did the only thing I could and dressed up in a nightie with an old lady hat and a 36DD bra and became grandma zombie for the expo. My campiness was either accepted with an “oh you” or a “why?” but regardless of any reaction,...

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Review: Defense of the Ancients 2014 AKA Heroes of the Storm

Having been invited to the alpha version of the game without an embargo on information, it is with utmost importance that I write a review of Defense of the Ancients (DotA). You savage Blizzard fans are probably going internally impatient wanting to know how Blizzard did creating their own MOBA game that was originally birthed some 15 years ago as a user map settings game within their Warcraft RTS game. I won’t go over balancing because at this time it is unimportant, but I want to note all of the important things. This review might be hard to understand...

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Review: The Occultist: Volume Two: At Death’s Door

Among many of the fantastic recent releases from Dark Horse Comics is the second volume of The Occultist! I really enjoyed the illustrations on each chapter, and the chapter page itself had a very nicely textured drawing of a cthulu-kraken creature. Each chapter page has a good illustration that fits the chapter you will soon read. The art at its core and totality is the standard superhero artwork you would see of today, which isn’t meant to be demeaning, but informative. The protagonist in the story reminded me of a Peter Parker type young man who was thrown into a...

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