Author: Kambrea and Thom Pratt

Tekko 2015: In Review

“Steel mill convention.” That’s what “Tekkoshocon” meant, with “tekkosho” being the Japanese word for “steel mill.” This popular Pittsburgh anime con has since shortened its name to just “Tekko,” but it’s still long on fun! Tekko 2015 was held in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh, as it has been for the past few years. If you’re unfamiliar with the venue — it’s amazing! The DLLCC is a massive convention center that overlooks the Allegheny River. It’s an extremely modern facility with plenty of room.   It’s so roomy, in fact, that Tekko only took up a portion of the convention center, and everything was so spread out that it didn’t feel too crowded. The panel rooms were divided up among two or three floors, and if we had one minor complaint about that, it was that you’ll do a lot of walking between panels, the dealer room and other events at Tekko. Thankfully, the facility has plenty of benches and other seating to take a much deserved break!  If you have a chance check out the roof area.  It was a hot spot for cosplay meet-ups and photos. The event schedule for Tekko was pretty full, and we only had a chance to see a fraction of what the con had to offer. The ‘Attack on Titan Jeopardy’ was great fun after some minor technical...

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