Author: Anthony G.

Let’s Talk About Janet van Dyne in the Ant-Man Movie

The Wasp, it seems, might not even appear in the upcoming Ant-Man movie, or at least not in her present form. It was revealed that Evangeline Lily will be playing Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne’s daughter, Hope. It can be assumed that she’ll end up playing a modern iteration of The Wasp, like how Paul Rudd is playing the Scott Lang iteration of Ant-Man. Michael Douglas heavily implied, when talking about his role in the movie, that Janet is either dead or seriously injured because of something he does during his run as Ant-Man. Now, a lot of...

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Five (Awesome) Ways to Totally Derail Your Tabletop Campaign

I have been DMing Pathfinder fairly consistently for just about a year now. There have been tons of good sessions, slow sessions, and some really unexpected twists along the way. Some of these twists have totally derailed the narrative I had been constructing, and, at times, for DMs, it can be a little frustrating, knowing all your epic plots and future developments have to be tossed out to readjust to a new scenario. And, sometimes, this new scenario is not very good. Other times, it’s better than the stupid quest you had in mind. The trick is, when you...

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