Ever think your sister was possessed by an ancient horrible thing? I’m still on the fence when it comes to my sister. Well, it turns out that Lily’s sister Sasha is actually was possessed in the game’s intro. Now the two women have to go on an adventure to to save Sasha.  


This RPG has two things I love in an RPG: Non-random battles and almost no grinding. When you get to an area, there is a difficulty spike, but you gain levels faster. Then as you get over-powered you earn almost no 1nos-scr-3XP and thus move on.  

When Final Fantasy VII came out the case  proclaimed “Over 99 hours of gameplay!”  

What they meant to say 20 hours of story and fun, and 80 hours of tapping a button on the battle screen like a lab animal trying to get food from an uncaring machine.

The dialog also has a good amount of humor to it. There is almost no melodrama to the game. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you need to have amnesia and save the world from an ancient evil, but other times you want to simply take a bag of produce into town to help a farmer.

This game even manages to breathe new life into the old block-pushing mechanic. The puzzles here are incredibly good and scale well difficulty wise.


Other than the usual RPG Maker Gripes, no.  

Seriously, has no one at Enterbrain seen a controller with an analog stick? The characters dart around like a man rummaging through a purse. Sometimes the dialog gets screen1a bit verbose.  Some random villagers will have six to eight panels of dialog that isn’t plot crucial.  

I personally start skipping though dialog without reading sometimes when a game gets too verbose.  Also it leads to dead horse beating. These small gripes don’t detract too much from the game though.  

SO GO FORTH AND SAVE YOUR SISTER!  Buy the game, it is quite good, and I quite enjoyed it.  Till next time,  my name is Tara Reginald Clapper (Editor’s note: No, no it’s not),  don’t let anyone in your family get possessed.