Fighting game fans rejoice: after five long years, Capcom is finally revisiting one of the most beloved (and insane) fighting series with Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. The game isn’t due out until late 2017 and that gives us plenty of time to speculate on who the game will include. There are reports that Disney wants the game to focus primarily on the current comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, based on the latest trends, here are five women that we think should make the cut.

Miss Marvel (Kamala Khan)

Capcom has already confirmed that Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel will be in the new game, but why not go one step further and include the newest Ms. Marvel as well? This game is an excellent opportunity for Marvel to show off the diversity of its roster and Ms. Marvel would make for an ideal inclusion. The first Pakistani-American superhero is perfect for a fighting game with her shapeshifting abilities. She could even make for a solid replacement for the Super Skrull.

Miss America

Speaking of diversity, here’s another great chance for Marvel to show how progressive it has become. America Chavez is a Latin-American LGBT superhero who has quickly become a fan favorite. She is also another character whose powers would adapt well to a fighting game. With super strength, flight, speed, and teleportation, she could be a fun character that might also require a lot of strategy. Now that Marvel is finally giving the character her own comic, according to this article, it’s the perfect time to finally get her into a prominent video game.

Black Widow

We know that the game is going to be heavily focused on incorporating the MCU, so any women who are members of the Avengers are high on the list of potential characters. Now that Marvel has finally promised a stand-alone Black Widow movie, it seems like a no-brainer to put Natasha Romanoff in the ensemble fighting game. Black Widow is a key member of the team, which is made apparent through her inclusion in a licensed Avengers slot reel available on prominent online platforms, according to this site. It brings the entire team from the MCU into a fun and simple casual game that can be enjoyed on browsers and mobile devices. That aside, Black Widow has long been waiting for her time to shine and Marvel vs. Capcom could be her opportunity. With her fierce fighting skills and various weapons that include a grappling hook, knock-out gas, tasers, and explosives, she could have a powerful move set that could quickly make her a force to be reckoned with.

Squirrel Girl

Need we say more? It’s Squirrel Girl! She’s one of the most fun and popular characters going right now and is also secretly one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe. And as noted here, she even single-handedly defeated Thanos one time. We can only imagine the possibilities for employing the powers of squirrels in a fighting game and a super-move sending an army of the little critters against your enemy would be too awesome not to include.

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew)

Spider-Woman is a terrific character who doesn’t get anywhere near the credit she deserves, which is why she should be in the game. Even if she isn’t a playable hero, Spider-Woman should at least be included as an assist character. Her abilities mirror those of Spider-Man, but she can also shoot energy blasts. In some ways, she’s even more powerful than Peter Parker.