Remember far back when I mentioned that it seemed like in games where the lead is a female, the aristocracy was safe?

I was SOOOO wrong. In “Amazing Princess Sarah,” you play Sarah, and the evil Lilith has kidnapped your father, the king. If only there was a way I could turn back time, but only Cher has that ability and I will never find a way to fix that… Back on track though, it is up to Sarah to save her dad.


You better learn to throw like a girl. Sarah can throw basically anything not bolted to the ground, including enemies she kills. A nice little touch that adds to strategy: each enemy reacts differently to being thrown. For example, the demon archers will explode into a small volley of arrows.

You better get good at this part of the game because it is NINTEND-HARD. As of writing this, I am stuck on the seond to last boss, actually. Luckily there are frequent save points, because the levels are massive, and there is no real penalty for death.

Amazing Princess Sarah


There are only some minor problems with this game. Sometimes the controls can feel a bit floaty. This can really affect the jumps, but in most areas it isn’t a life or death situation. Earlier I joked in a positive tone about learning to throw like a girl; well Sarah should really learn to run like a girl. The running animation is just goofy. It looks a lot like Akane’s run from a previous Haruneko title.

Watch a video of the gameplay here.


“Amazing Princess Sarah” is a pretty decent game. It isn’t a game that you will remember forever, but you will definitely enjoy the five or six hours you put into it. The level design is interesting and there are a decent amount of enemies types to make the game feel varried for the first three or four levels.

Till next time, just throw someone at the problem and it will go away.

Disclosure: I have no material connection to this game.