From the silly to the serious, it was a mighty year for The Geek Initiative. We published over 100 articles by 20 contributors and editors. We interviewed, entertained, and had representation at SDCC and NYCC this year. To accommodate this growth, we changed the look of our website … twice … and scored an awesome logo design from the talented Heather Fesmire!

Thank you very much to all of our readers and contributors for your contributions. Every like, click, and share matters. We love your feedback, too – so contact us if you want to write something or have some input.

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If I made a list of quality content or editor’s picks, it would include just about everything we published. Our mission is to celebrate women in geek culture, so this year I limited myself to a list displaying our diversity of content that does just that. Thank you again to readers, contributors, editors, and our crowdfunding supporters!

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