Watchful Eyes

I stand

staring down

at the open grave.

Watching you

pour ash grey dirt

by the shovelful

Over the body

of your most recent victim.


How could you do this?

You took this life

of an innocent girl

with years ahead of her

Full of trust

for the father

of a close friend


She never saw

this side of you

the drunken man

searching for his next drink

Whose quick temper

made him strike down the girl.

Who had ignored him

as she passed by.


If only she had been forewarned?

Perhaps then she wouldn’t be

lying here dead.

She could have passed for sleeping

If it wasn’t for

the head wound.


Watching you


I turn away

towards the white light

Walking away

from my cold body

Knowing that

you will end up

getting away with murder.

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