Top MMORPGs for LARPers

LARPing is a lot of fun so long as the weather is fine and you feel like facing the great outdoors, or getting together with large groups of people indoors for some face-to-face roleplaying fun. But what about those times when you would rather snuggle up at home and fulfill your adventuring fantasies in a virtual world? What about times of emergency, such as the COVID-19 pandemic?

There are a whole heap of high quality MMORPGs out there to help you scratch this itch; so many, in fact, that you might not know which are the cream of the crop. To help you choose, here are just a few options that will be particularly appealing to LARPers.

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Elder Scrolls Online

There is no denying the fact that when ESO first launched, it was not exactly the critical darling that developer Bethesda had hoped it would be. Thankfully, it has improved immensely in the intervening years and now enjoys a large and vibrant player base as well as a whole host of add-ons and ever-expanding regions to explore.


One of the most venerable MMORPGs on the block, Runescsape has survived for such a long time in spite of challenges made by newer rivals. One of the reasons for this is that it has a particularly welcoming community of players, many of whom have stayed loyal because of the social aspects it supports.

Another perk is that Runescape is free to play, meaning you do not need to worry about forking over for a monthly subscription and leaving you with cash to splash on other digital activities, such as live casino games or virtual gigs.

WoW Classic

After more than a decade and a half of evolving, World of Warcraft has gone back to its roots with a separate Classic version that people with a particularly strong nostalgia for the early days of the best-known MMORPG on the block can dive into.

There are definitely some hurdles associated with playing WoW Classic rather than the modernized equivalent, but plenty of people see such trials and tribulations as key to what makes it such a compelling experience.

Lord of the Rings Online

Immersing yourself in Tolkien’s fantasy vision can be achieved in a variety of ways, from reading his original books to watching the blockbuster movie adaptations that are nearing their 20th anniversary of release. One of the most appealing and enduring options is to play Lord of the Rings Online, as this MMORPG has also managed to stand the test of time and bring all of the best that Middle-Earth has to offer to eager role players the world over.

It may not have the flashiest graphics or the most expensive feature set, but it is built on such solid foundations and evocative of such strong reference points that fans of digital LARPing are sure to get endless hours of entertainment out of it.


If you like your fantasy injected with a healthy dose of science fiction then Skyforge is an MMORPG that you should definitely add to your download list.

Like a number of other top multiplayer titles out there it is free to play and features regular content updates to keep things fresh. Where it manages to differentiate itself from its competitors is with its class system, which gives players more flexibility and also makes getting through the early stages less of a chore.

Albion Online

While some MMORPGs put PVE at the top of the agenda, Albion Online is all about encouraging human players to participate in PVP battles as part of a hugely adaptable sandbox environment where being well versed in the skills you will need to take down your foes is just as important as collecting the best loot.

While this may be a more action-packed game than some, it does offer players respite from the fray by letting them purchase private islands that they can use for farming, crafting and more relaxing pursuits if they wish.

Guild Wars 2

Improving not only upon the original Guild Wars, but on virtually every other MMORPG that came before it, Guild Wars 2 is focused on getting groups of players together to go exploring and experience events that unfold organically, rather than lumbering them with static quests that can become uninspiring after a time.

The upshot is that this game is best suited to people who love working in a team and it manages to foster a real sense of community, while also feeling fresh thanks to the way that objectives are generated. Dip your toe into the MMORPG water with the free version of Guild Wars 2, or test drive any of the other games mentioned above to find the right fit for your tastes.

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