Welcome to The Geek Initiative Podcast, Episode 6: Spooky, Scary Skeletons: Exploring Taboo Through Horror. (Click here for iTunes link.)

Happy Halloween! The Rogue Crafter and Ant-Man take a look at gender in horror films in this special Halloween episode of The Geek Initiative Podcast! They discuss the fate of many female characters in horror films, positive representations of women in horror movies, punishment for women behaving outside of societal norms, and problematic tropes. They discussThe White Lady, Friday the 13th, The Babadook, Wes Craven movies, and more!

Content Warning: Strong language, violence towards women, rape, pedophilia, postpartum depression, child loss, transphobia. The podcast hosts discuss these topics strictly in terms of the plots of the media being discussed and their evaluations of them.

They also cover geek news: The race/Star Wars controversy, Halloween costumes, and more.