The Geek Initiative appears at Metatopia 2015 as press and panelists today through Sunday.

Say hi to our RPG editor Chris Bell and our senior editor Tara Clapper.

Metatopia is a game design festival in Morristown, NJ. Game designers of LARP, tabletop RPGs, card and board games and more have the opportunity to showcase and playtest new creations and innovations at Metatopia. 

Chris and Tara will participate in a panel called “Promoting Your Game Through Podcasting and Other Media” on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. ET. led by Chris Perrin with Mario Dongu.

The description follows: Gaming has a rich, vibrant media that really enjoys advocating for new games and new game designers. However, it can be hard for game designers to find gamer media outlets and even harder to know what to say. This panel will look at ways game designers can find gaming media and promote themselves, presented by the This Just In… crew. 

You can learn more about Chris and Tara’s digital marketing experience on their LinkedIn profiles:

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In addition to being a haven for groundbreaking ideas in gaming, Metatopia provides games that allow you to explore and challenge your thinking on social issues and inclusion.

We look forward to sharing the many innovations with you!