The Dream

Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped

inside a glass cage

Since I’m allowed to watch my life run by

but am not allowed to do anything to change it

For if I try and break the cage

I only get cut until it is stained a crimson red

Until I don’t know what’s up or down

or any other decisions I have to make


So than I just sit here

exhausted from my efforts

and yet have nothing to show for it

So than I just sit here

and sing my song of pain and disappointment

Hoping that someone will hear it

and come to my aid

Or that my screams will shatter the glass


But in my subconscious I know

that if I shatter the glass

it will kill me

For it is the only thing

that is keeping me sane

It is the only thing that protects me

from the demons in this world


But what should I do

as I watch my life run by

like a never ending film

finally deciding that the only way

I can live my life

is if I break out of this cage

Even if by doing so

I might lose myself in the process


So than I destroy the glass cage

as I ignore the pain

and whatever consequences

I may be forced to take

And than I am free

even though I had to sacrifice

my innocence and my faith

just for this taste of freedom

So that I can see what it is

that takes peoples breath away?


But than I start to get lonely and cold

I start to wonder where my home is

And what is making my heart ache so badly


Why is it that I feel so small and scared now

as I walk with a group of strangers?

When before I felt safe and warm

even though no one knew who I was


So as I sit here

wondering when I will see

this big reward

I have sacrificed

and worked so hard for

When I feel someone trying to wake me up


I guess it was just a dream

Something that my heart

was trying to tell me

And as I stare at the scars

that are hidden on my body

I think I know what the dream meant


I will always try and hide my true thoughts

and emotions from those around me

For if I lose control

and let too many people in

It will destroy me


For no matter how heavy

this inner burden gets

I know that I must carry it on alone

Until the day that I can find

someone to release me

from this heavy burden

Without destroying the glass cage

that is inside my soul

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