A galaxy on the edge of chaos. Ancient ruins to explore. Dark powers to confront.

Featured on Kickstarter‘s Projects We LoveEvent Horizon is the latest blockbuster LARP hitting the circuit. Launched on Monday, October 10th, the campaign surpassed their goal of $43,500 very quickly! Taking over just forty-five minutes north of San Francisco, the location of this Sci-Fi LARP will reside in the Marin Highlands – featuring World War II bunkers and gun encampments, towering cliffs, a lagoon, a lighthouse, and much more. The first event will take place Friday, April 7th to Monday, April 10th and has 150 tickets available. If they sell out, they’ll host more weekends! Tickets are being sold via Kickstarter.

Event Horizon is designed for beginner-friendly participants by balancing story, emotion, and mechanics and emphasizing on collaboration and community building. The game follows as such:

“Twenty years after the end of the Homeworld War, the galaxy is once again poised on the brink of chaos. Fledgling governments fight for control while scoundrels and smugglers dart through the shadows. Archaeologists explore ancient temples, backed by corporations hoping to unlock the secrets of long-lost technologies. The founding of a new colony could mean a chance at peace, or it could be the spark that reignites the flames of war. The choices of the first to arrive will shape the future of the galaxy!”
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The game was created by a group of directors with twenty-five years of combined experience. Ben “Books” Schwartz, Director of Words and Worlds and Quinn Milton, Director of Brand and Marketing lead us into the world of Phaelos III and their Kickstarter campaign. Their website holds the background information all about Phaelos III and popular FAQ questions.

Despite the effort of creating a campaign, others have said although they’re interested in attending, they’re worried the game may fall short.

The Picky LARPers

“LARP in America” seems to be a heavy topic of conversation lately between games that occur monthly and those that make quite a statement in the community, like New World Magischola. The game provided students with school uniforms, minus the wand. Here, on their campaign, one of the rewards is to receive a custom garment piece for the game. But for this player, how many different games can people attend?

Based on factors of income, travel expense, and scheduling conflicts, not everyone has the privilege to attend games where you are treated with supplied garb or custom character backstories.

Another point this player made regards one of the stretch goals. Event Horizon reached $49,000, so custom tablets will be provided to the players for more interaction. This is tricky for both pros and cons. The pros is that players will be able to remain immersed in the game environment and something that is custom is built for them to use.

The opposing is how effective it will be. How long is the battery life? Will players receive notifications of important updates…like food or when the boss rolls up? How many will remain in perfect condition by the end of the weekend? What are the technical specs? The list can go on. One possibility would be to make a mobile application for players to download, but that does include additional costs from the tech team that creates it, beta tests, and placing it on the Apple and Android app stores. From someone who worked on a free app, costs do pile up.

Reaching out to EVENT HORIZON LARP

The best way to form an opinion about something is to experience it yourself! Check out Event Horizon LARP and congratulations to the team for surpassing their goal on Kickstarter!


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