A few of my friends still remain on SWTOR. Literally. A few.

I never thought I’d be thinking about quitting Star Wars: The Old Republic soon. However, I value the social aspect of MMOs, and that’s what keeps me interested in playing. In the last two weeks, almost everyone in our guild has left. Why?

  • Some leveled ahead of others; they were bored with end-game and joined a different guild full of end-game users so they could actually do something.
  • One of my best friends quit because they couldn’t fix a technical issue for him. He has no issues with WoW.
Here’s why I’m thinking about leaving:
  • Lack of a structure to support guilds. While Galaxies could have been a better game, it did have a system in place for users to purchase structures and develop them, making them guild halls.
  • No server integration. I like to PvP, but that doesn’t happen very often as level 50s are matched together and there aren’t enough people playing.
  • Story is important: now re-spec. First of all, the game didn’t start with a dual spec. I know, neither did WoW. But you know what? World of Warcraft is the trailblazer. SWTOR should know better. Fast forward to level 50, post-patch. Now I have a healer with an entire story built around that ability–both in the game and in RP with other PCs–and now I’m basically expected to re-spec DPS because it’s infinitely more awesome. 
  • Healing in warzones. Sometimes healing in warzones doesn’t even matter. If healing sucks and it’s all about DPS, why even have healers? Pre-mades understand this and are switching to this model!
  • Everyone else is leaving. Nope, I’m not a lemming, but I do like hanging out with my friends. Now they’ve all moved on. If I wanted an RPG without the social component, I’d play something else.
  • Bugs not fixed. The same bugs keep happening. I can’t even complete one companion quest because of a persistent bug. I’ve been patient. Like, months long patient. 
  • Fleet 4 Life. I live on the fleet. There’s really no reason to go anywhere else. 
I don’t really care about end game content except for the fact that the lack of it is driving others away. See “Everyone else is leaving” above for more info.
At this point, I’d be okay if I could just log in and PVP and that’s it…but even that isn’t possible. If they could just integrate servers, I’d be okay with it. I’d stay. This coming from someone who plays on an RP server.
This could have been a game that blended the best of Galaxies and WoW. Instead, it leaves me here at 3 a.m. wondering why I can’t reward a long day of work with a late-night PvP session.

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