I wrote the below sonnet as a result of dealing with impostor syndrome. Right now, Gen Con is just over a week and a half away. I’m doing my best to make my living entirely in the space of geek culture (it’s working, but it’s rough!) and those impostor syndrome feelings creep in from time to time.

I hope this helps others who are going through the same issues.

Ambition’s Impostor


Ambition is the coil of my penance;

With Mary’s tears reserved for my regrets.

I grasp a shield unworthy of defense

So undeserving of this sweet duet.


Ambition is the ruler of my sea;

Poseidon’s trident drawing up a storm.

I play at casting spells of what may be

So I can manifest fine words to form.


Ambition is the gold that looks so raw;

Epona wears the strength revealed by dreams.

I fail to see the vision I once saw

So I can ascertain the will and means.


Although I feel the lightweight gold of fools

Real aurum guides my hands to truer tools.

joan of arc

joan of arc