There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding Wonder Woman – the casting choice, the fact that she appears in a movie headlined by two male characters – and of course, the costume.

In addition to a host of Xena comparisons, the costume receives guff because of the color. Many speculate that the armor will gain color as her story progresses.

Comic book fan Noble Werner decided to adjust the released image to show what Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman might look like without all the effects. [Full image below]

Werner said:

“The released photo isn’t representative of how it will actually look, color-wise. There’s a heavy brown filter on it, which leeches out other colors. I popped it into Photoshop, applied Auto Color (which effectively turned off the brown), then upped the saturation a bit – there’s red and blue there. It’s muted, but that may in part be because of how much got leeched away with the original filter.”

WW Armor

WW Armor – Click for full image

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