The Silversides Event: A Pacific War Supernatural Online Role Play Escape Room Adventure


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On 11 June, 1943, you and your crewmates experience a startling shake aboard your submarine, the USS Silversides. As one of the most victorious and highly decorated ships in the Pacific Ocean Theater during World War II, you know the Silversides is a target–and yet, this doesn’t feel like battle you’ve ever known. With navigation astray, you have just two and a half hours to solve the mystery of obvious discrepancies, map the changed layout of the Silversides, get your ship back on course, survive, and file an official classified report to your admiral.

Format and Inspirations for The Silversides Event

This narrated adventure has a supernatural element and is a fantastical spin on a real-life event (this real ship was damaged by a depth charge on 11 June). Played over Zoom, The Silversides Event utilizes self-selected multi-breakout room capacity to facilitate heavy roleplay.

This game is inspired by the real life events this ship and her crew experienced, legends about supernatural events at sea, my real life work which touches on naval technology, and popular games such as Bluebeard’s Bride, Hunt a Killer’s Space Madness, and No Easy Way Out. This also has a pressure cooker, escape room feel.

The Silversides Event will be recorded (you’ll sign a waiver). This is a single-session event. Don’t miss it–you’ll have to wait until next June 11 to get in on the action.

You can play a character 18 or more years of age of any gender, sexuality, and race, who may achieve or hold any available rank or position on the ship, including those with embellishment, such as:

  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Gunnery Officer
  • Medical Services Officer
  • Mess Hall Overseer / Cook
  • US or Allied Government Agent Investigating Supernatural Activity
  • Aerographer’s Mate
  • Quartermaster
  • Asset (US or Allied Diplomat)
  • Or an archetype of your choosing

Recommended for each game: 

  • A player willing to map the ship and utilize the share screen feature on Zoom
  • A medical officer character

The Silversides Event: Content

Themes include: violence (ship crew to ship crew; supernatural to ship crew; ship crew to supernatural), fear, cooperation, problem-solving, feeling trapped/claustrophobic/vulnerable. A mystery.

Themes exclude: racism, derogatory race-based comments about enemies (and allies) in the Pacific Ocean Theater. This does not focus on direct combat with mortals (there are not even enemies present or communiques from them), and supernatural elements are not appropriated or even inspired by any one specific culture. This event does not focus on illness or pandemic-related themes.


  • Date: June 11, 2021 – this is a single run and will not repeat until June 11, 2022
  • Time: 8-11:15 PM Eastern (includes 15 minute safety/introduction, 15 minutes for health and wellness break(s), and 15 minute debrief, 2.5 hours of timed gameplay)
  • What You Get: Character survey, brief character description, connections to other characters and to the event in question
  • Format: The Storyteller will narrate your adventure, but heavy roleplay segments (some in breakout rooms) are required to advance character progress.
  • Mechanics: Are simple. There are physical and supernatural dangers, and each character can only withstand five wounds before they are incapacitated / dead. A medic, if present, can heal wounds. The occasional character may also take wounds to heal others. The Storyteller will assign wounds, but as collaborative participants, players sensing that their character is in anguish or has been harmed may self-assign wounds to their characters to advance the story.
  • Story Advancement: Complete the outlined goals; you can’t advance in the ship unless you roleplay your heart out.
  • Cost: $29 per ticket, limit 8 players.
  • Your Storyteller, who will portray a GM character: Tara M. Clapper, Game Designer