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This ticket is for online play aboard the CHARIOT Inventa.

This event takes place on September 29, 2019 at 10 AM – 2 PM EST.

The schedule:
Introductions and Safety Briefing
Game play begins, including crossover interactions (online and IRL)
Brunch Served (online players may plan to eat together as well)
Game play conclusion

Join The Geek Initiative aboard the UGS CHARIOT for an immersive sci-fi live action adventure on September 29, 2019. In this event, you’ll play a crucial role aboard an intergenerational spaceship leaving a war-torn earth, bound to start anew – until you receive some concerning information via a communications relay.

Are you prepared to live aboard a deep space vessel as one of humanity’s last hopes for survival in this one day intergalactic mission? Prepare yourself to overcome never seen before situations that could only occur light years from mankind’s decaying planet Earth.

Your ticket includes a unique, custom character (created for you after character survey), access to the full player guide, and a set brunch from The Adventure Pub. We will play in the pub’s sci-fi room. Our agenda will include a safety and inclusion briefing, three solid hours of game play, followed by a debrief session.

Freeform Larp Style
This larp style is American freeform. While your character sheets will have suggestions for play, this is a story-focused larp based on the interpersonal relationships and beliefs of the characters, not mechanics. New and experienced live action gamers are welcome!

Your decisions will affect future events in The Geek Initiative’s CHARIOT universe. Previously, CHARIOT events happened only in digital live action games, which have set the stage for your adventure. No previous knowledge of prior events is required – our CHARIOT ship travels through unknown space and you will receive a one-page mission briefing at the event with all the key facts and information you need to know.

There are two ways to play:
CHARIOT: Adventum: The in-person interactive adventure takes place at The Adventure Pub. The CHARIOT ship includes state of the art technology and some of the brightest minds ever seen before. Cost: $75. Limit: 36.
CHARIOT: Inventa: Or, play from the comfort of your own home in the online adventure, captained by celebrated game master and CHARIOT captain alum Josh Heath. This runs at the same time as our in person adventure, and you will communicate with the players at the flagship CHARIOT from nearby vessels. Cost: $55. Limit: 8.

Cooperation is key in the vastness of space, where the remnants of humanity must work together to survive.

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