CHARIOT Collision: A Four Hour Sci-Fi Escape Room Role Play Adventure


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The year is 2121. You are drifting through space when the computer system alerts you: ALERT. ALERT. The ship has experienced a collision.

Maybe you were on the bridge and didn’t see it. Perhaps you were drunk in the mess hall. Or…what if you’ve just awoken from cryo?

Tasked with moving a ship full of civilians to a habitable, previously uninhabited planet, you and your companions use whatever means you have to identify the source of the collision, assess casualties, and communicate and connect with each other. Can you repair the ship and set it back on course? Depending on what information you uncover…will you even want to?

Format and Inspirations for CHARIOT Collision

This experience is for people who enjoy escape rooms, light tabletop role play mechanics, character-to-character roleplay, moral decision-making and quandaries, and narrative challenges in storytelling in a sci-fi setting.

This adventure requires little preparation (aside from casting and costuming, if you like) and rewards player creativity and agency. Played over Zoom, CHARIOT: Collision utilizes self-selected multi-breakout room capacity to facilitate heavy roleplay and team problem-solving when necessary. For the mechanics of escape, there are pre-determined possibilities, but for encounters themselves (such as aliens, anomalies, etc.), the story unfolds based upon player preference and character investigation.

This game is inspired by various sci-fi media including Star Trek: The Next Generation, Another Life, Alien, and The Geek Initiative’s CHAROT digital larps. No previous knowledge of the CHARIOT universe is required to play.

I am also asking you to play into the fact that “the government” is the bad guy here, even if your characters are playing government representatives. More information about this comes into play during the game, but I strongly believe in disclosing this design intention now.

CHARIOT COLLISION will be recorded (you’ll sign a waiver). There is only one run of this event in 2021. Play this or wait until next year!

You can play a character 18 or more years of age of any gender, sexuality, and race, who may achieve or hold any available rank or position on the ship, including those with embellishment, such as:

  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Tactical Officer
  • Security Officer
  • Bartender
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Computer Interface Expert or Android
  • US Government Representative
  • Aspiring Ensign with Rainbow and Grey Outfit
  • Ship’s Counselor
  • Undercover Extraterrestrial
  • Operative

While the game is cooperative, you may play or encounter characters with hidden identities, as is evidenced from this list.

Recommended for each game: 

  • A player willing to map the ship and utilize the share screen feature on Zoom
  • A medical officer character, or someone who has medical experience in game


Themes include: violence, fear, cooperation, problem-solving, feeling trapped/claustrophobic/vulnerable and stressed. A mystery.

Themes exclude: racism, derogatory race-based comments about enemies (and allies). This event does not focus on illness or pandemic-related themes. The medical officer focus will be on injuries and wounds, and maybe other non-pandemic/illness things if the players choose.


  • Date: Sunday, September 19
  • Time: 1-5 PM Eastern (includes 15 minute safety/introduction, 15 minutes for health and wellness break(s), and 15 minute debrief, 2.5 hours of timed gameplay)
  • What You Get: Character survey, brief character description, connections to other characters and to the event in question
  • Format: The Storyteller will narrate your adventure, but heavy roleplay segments (some in breakout rooms) are required to advance character progress.
  • Mechanics: Are simple. There are physical and non physical dangers, and each character can only withstand five wounds before they are incapacitated / dead. A medic, if present, can heal wounds. The occasional character may also take wounds to heal others. The Storyteller will assign wounds, but as collaborative participants, players sensing that their character is in anguish or has been harmed may self-assign wounds to their characters to advance the story.
  • Story Advancement: Complete the outlined goals; you can’t advance in the ship, escape, or repair it unless you roleplay your heart out.
  • Cost: $29 per ticket, limit 8 players.
  • Your Storyteller, who will portray a GM character: Tara M. Clapper, Game Designer

Where Does the Money Go?

All funds from this game will go directly to hiring writers and artists to complete the initial writing and art for an upcoming Kickstarter project from The Geek Initiative. The best way to ensure the success of a printed, Kickstarted project is to have a draft of all the content done prior to launch; this also ensures all artists and writers are paid.