Bluebeard’s Bride: CHARIOT Edition Run 0


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Players: 3-5

Run time: 4 Hours

Forum: Zoom (link provided)

When: Wednesday, July 29, 7-11 PM ET

Game Type: Light Mechanics Table Top Role Playing Game; Story-Oriented; Horror; Femme-Oriented (All Genders Welcome)

Previous knowledge or play experience for BB or CHARIOT: None required

Description: Join Tara M. Clapper in a special run of femme horror Bluebeard’s Bride. Following the same premise and mechanics as the original game (published by Magpie Games), this dark and delightful version is set in the 2080s, in outer space, in Tara’s own CHARIOT universe.

The outcome of this RPG will affect events in the CHARIOT Larp taking place online at the end of the month of August (more info here).

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