The Dark Mirror

The Dark Mirror

I look into this mirror before me and all I see is darkness
For the light is trapped inside the mirror while the darkness in the mirror is surrounding me
Drowning me in a sea of dark cold darkness and all I can feel is numbness which prevents me from feeling any pain from the world of light and although the answer to free me from this dark imprisonment is simple it might mean that I’m supposed to break this black mirror and to release and bring back the light

But I can’t for I don’t remember the light ever being there to help me as I start to take comfort to the darkness that surrounds me as I try to remember the reason why the darkness is all I have I can’t remember anything but the dark so was this thing called light just a dream
A fragment of my disillusion imagination
I don’t know for all I know is the darkness and emptiness
So as the darkness engulfs my soul
I smile as I feel no more pain
No more desire to feel hurt or rejected
So how did I get here you wonder
Just look at this cursed mirror set before me… don’t you see it too?

Or you can’t sense your world is filled with light causing me to become transparent to your eyes
And as I see you walk past this evil mirror that has trapped my soul
You hear nothing you only feel a soft breeze brush past your shoulder
And as you walk away my soul is trapped drowning eternally in a sea of darkness
Forever trapped in this darken mirror of hell
Never again to see the bright light of the world
But to only see the cold and empty darkness

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