There are some days that I doubt myself
About the choices I have made in life and wonder
Should I just run away and hide
Than try and face my fears
Would it make things seem easier?
Or would it make things even worse

Is hiding away forever the answer
In a place where no one would be able to find me
But than what will I do when there’s no where left
No place left to run away from my thoughts and fears

People say what doesn’t kill you
Only makes you stronger
Is this true, even though it seems like a bad thing
Can it actually make you stronger in the end?
Without the cost of breaking your spirit

I’ve hidden myself from my fears
But in the end I’ve also hidden away from everyone else
Those that are there to help me in my darkest hour
So I ask myself was it worth it

Was it worth hiding from those I care about most?
Just to runaway from my fears and problems
And than I realize what I should of done to begin with

I never should have run away from my fears or problems
I should confide in those closest to me
Those that I hold dearly, my friends and family
The ones that love and are about me
Enough to protect me from the darkness
And terrifying nightmares that I call my fears

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