Feeling Invisible

Feeling Invisible

Why do people only care if you’re okay
If you are either bleeding or crying?
Otherwise they could care less
If you’re empty or broken inside

They just push you aside
Not giving you a second glance
Why do people have this f*cked up view of life
and those that live in it?

If you’re a loner or an outcast
Created by society and its despicable views
Than most people ignore you
Never knowing the hard truths of life

They only see the happy go lucky side
Never knowing what troubles
They would soon face in life
Though if they made a small effort
To try and make my existence known
To not just them but others around

Maybe than I wouldn’t have this vendetta against humanity
And maybe I wouldn’t seem so lost
Forgotten so easily by the very same people
that made me seek this bitter solittude
And try so hard to become invisible

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