Elemental Goddess

Elemental Goddess

As wisps of smoke wrap around my wrists

Dancing flames makes me smile with bliss

As screams of pain reach my ears

I smile as though I barely care

I am the creator of the night

And the ruler of spite, I hate, I fight


I stare and watch as tendrils of mist

Seem to dance a mystical dance around me

Giving me the power to repay those that harm me

For I am the mother, the queen of all that’s real

In trails we all must face, I cure, I heal

As strands of electricity cackle in my hair

I watch as those below me run in fear

An evil laughter is all that you hear

Before disrupting the temporary peace you once shared


For I am a child of the gods, I die, but am than reborn

For the elements that make up the world is a part of me

As I call upon them now to aide me

To rid the world of all it’s sinful creatures

Earth, fire, water, air, light and darkness

These elements help make me strong

For I am the elemental goddess

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