Original Sin: Thor and Loki is actually part of a larger collection (Original Sin) published in 2014 by Marvel. Naturally, in this one, they focus primarily on the dealings with Thor and Loki. The main story of Original Sin, written by Jason Aaron and Mike Deodata, deals with Nick Fury and the Avengers investigating the deal of Uata the Watcher. Each of the Avengers sees something different when they are confronted by the eye of the murdered Uata.

In Original Sin 5.1, we see the consequences of what Thor sees in Uata’s eye. And what Thor sees is he has an elder sister. However, Frigga imparts that his sister, Aldrif, is dead, murdered during Asgard’s war with angels from the Tenth Realm. Apparently, as far as lore goes, the tenth realm known as Heaven, once sat upon Yggdrasil, but when their daughter was murdered Odin ripped the realm from the fabric of the Universe and banished it. You would think, he could have lead off with that. The tenth realm is a female-based warrior society of flying angels, pretty Valkyrie-like.

Cue the typical Loki and Thor dynamic and hijinks. In this one, Loki is actually quite young, affectionately dubbed “young Loki.” He’s quite a bit of a brooding teen, but still the same sly trickster with the brains behind the duo. He lacks the more sinister side portrayed in older versions of Loki for now. The duo sets off for the tenth realm using Loki’s brains and Thor’s brawn against Frigga’s wishes. And of course, they find very, very angry Angels who have been waiting to escape their dimensional prison. You can imagine what happens next.

Two issues in and Angela has not made much of an appearance. She is referred to several times as “the wingless one” or “assassin,” favored by the Queen of Angels. She does make a little appearance at the beginning of number two with some of our galaxy-hopping guardians. The series holds promise for more, but the comics are built for being a trade paperback. There is definitely more to come though.

Overall, Original Sin 5.1 is a must read. Not only is it a solid story with nice elements, but the art is beautifully done. There is more than meets the eye in Original Sin, including the mysterious presence of an elder Loki imprisoned by Frigga, Odin missing, and why young Loki is brooding in a café.  Finally, Marvel is promising more for Angela the Assassin in the next few years. There are rumors that she will play a part in series of Thor becoming unworthy. It is an interesting thought, because as it plays out technically Angela is the eldest child of Odin and Brigga.   Just a thought to leave you with.

Original Sin is written by Jason Aaron. You can purchase it here.