At the 2013 New York Comic Con, I observed hundreds of cosplayers. Since I was there to cover Marvel for, I focused on the Marvel cosplays. As usual, the ladies wearing skimpier cosplay outfits were getting attention (respectful and not) and photos, but there were definitely some male cosplayers who decided to bare some skin this year or wear some form-fitting gear.

The most popular characters for this seemed to be Superman (including a bare-chested Smallville-era Clark) and Spartacus characters. The trend of men showing more skin has increased in the past few years, making the showier aspect of cosplay more gender-equal. (Should we thank geek hero hunks like Henry Cavill, Liam McIntyre, and Chris Hemsworth for that? Maybe.)  Check out our slideshow below the cut…

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General cosplay trends included:

  • Arrow
  • Daenerys (all the Khaleesis!)
  • Batman
  • Superman
  • Deadpool
  • Wolverine
  • Black Widow
  • Lady Loki
  • Loki

I’m glad I saw so many people having a great time in costume, comfortable in what they were wearing. It’s definitely inspired me to pursue my own cosplay adventures!


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