Disclosure: Reprinted with permission from AwesomeShit.Ninja

If you go to UrbanDictionary.com, the definition of “Halloween” follows:

“October 31st. While this holiday was meant for little kids to walk around and get candy, it is also used as an excuse for everyone else to get trashed and for girls to dress up in costumes that barely cover their bodies.

In the real world, Halloween is when kids dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it.” – Cady Heron, Mean Girls (2004)

In other words, Happy Halloween everyone! October 31st is conceived as the one day of the year that one can dress up. Boy, is that bullshit. As I’ve previously mentioned, I dress up as an elf at least once a month. Twice in November actually for a photo shoot for Seventh Kingdom IGE.

The discussion of dressing up and Halloween are both perfectly suited for today’s topic: LARP Garb. LARP Garb is everything you wear from being historically accurate to fitting into your character’s theme.

Within the 7K lore, and as I understand Faeglen’s as well, players dress according to their kingdom’s lore, racial abilities, and whatever else game mechanics may require based on your choices.

When you first start any game, no one expects you to know what you’re doing. Let alone, know how to dress yourself. Starting a new game with some assembled garb is like backtracking to your nursery school years – needing assistance in how to dress yourself for every occasion you attend.

When I first started, Ashlynn’s attire was adequate…let’s say. I wore a black off-the-shoulder renaissance top with the green and black scarf – which I still wear today – and sports shorts. By the end of my first event in July 2014, I was down to my sports bra and sports shorts with only my make-up indicating I was still an elf. The excuse I went with was that my kingdom’s residents don’t wear as much clothing. Which isn’t a lie! So essentially I went from this….


to this:


Most of the garb you see here on me is either from my closet, Joanne’s, Etsy, renaissance faires, and thrift and other clothing stores. For example, the maroon shirt (pictured below) is originally from Old Navy that I’ve have for years and needed it for the winter months. The leggings are from the Simply Vera collection (literally, the only line nowadays that is 100% cotton with zero anything of spandex). And the deer-skin halter top is from GyspyHawkeArtistry on Etsy. By the way, that is a womyn’s kilt and you need some sort of coverage underneath.1623730_10153117216235896_7979709322528134338_n

My favourite places to shop for LARP garb are Etsy and my closet! When attending your first event, players are more than likely to spend over $100 dollars on attire, weapons, and accessory alone. In my first photo, it’s obvious I didn’t have as much to show off Ashlynn’s spunky personality. If you notice though, my rune necklace and scarf are still a part of my garb today. I still use the same make-up pattern on face but have developed it more by using different textures and new designs on the other side of my face.

Can I be honest? I wear my garb out in public. Shocking, I know! Not so much the halter top with the two strings holding it up in the back, but the poncho shirt on top and the Old Navy with the vest work. I wore that one to a film festival I edited the video for.

Making garb count: you see the different scarves and sashes I have hanging from my belt? Well, they all mean something vital to my character’s backstory. The blue and black plaid scarf represents the Coven of Maerla – 7k’s most prestigious magickal organization in the realm; the gray one with the red eye represents my kingdom’s symbol; and the green with the purple outline of a Greycrow is my actual witch-favour.11210417_10152895304535896_6466228388189596434_n

Don’t ever feel like you have to go all out for your first event. Build up your garb over time and enjoy the developing process!

November 1st by the way, is considered a “LARPer’s Christmas” from all the sales at Spirit of Halloween. From make-up to clothing to accessories, grab some cheap piece that could mean the world to your character! That, or purchase make-up that you could donate to your game!