Woods surround me

blanketed by cries

created by the animal world.

Popping sounds in the distance

revealing bull frogs

hidden deep in the forest floor.


This place seems serene,

a small patch of earth.

Untouched by man’s hands

left alone to nature’s own devices.

A place where you wish to stay

forever curled up

Under a birch tree

until nature decides

to have its way with me


Removing my Levi jeans

and old navy t-shirt

replacing them with a dress,

made out of maple leaves and lilies

Destroying my new balance sneakers

making me walk barefoot

on dirt covered with rocks and twigs


If only I had known

what living under that tree

would have done to me

Turning me into

this child of the woods

a modern day wood nymph

Destroying all links to modern society,

and yet despite going through

with such a childish act

I finally feel free



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