Marvel Puts Focus on Fashion with ‘1872’ and The Watcher’s Comics Runway

Bruce Banner in "1872" by Evan "Doc" Shaner. Marvel Entertainment.
Bruce Banner in “1872” by Evan “Doc” Shaner. Marvel.

When it comes to the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe, fans are always curious about what the next generation of costume designs will look like for our favorite characters. “Secret Wars” offers an infinite amount of fantastic opportunities for new superhero duds.

This includes wild west gear. “1872” is presumably set in its title year – and Issue #1, which will be published in June, features an ominous tombstone bearing the names Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Steve Rogers. (Let’s just get all those feels out of the way before you even open the cover or think about watching certain memorable “Agent Carter” episodes again.)

1872 #1 Cover by Alex Maleev. Marvel Entertainment.
1872 #1 Cover by Alex Maleev. Marvel.

Marvel released character illustrations of these three characters as well as Wilson Fisk (Kingpin). Steve is appropriately depicted as a sheriff, Tony as an inventive blacksmith, and Bruce as a man of science (in a snazzy/adorable three-piece suit).

Hopefully we’ll get a glimpse of some female superheroes soon – especially since this type of setting is always ideal for the badassery associated with any independent thinker or troublemaker who defies the era’s social norms.

“1872 #1” is written by Gerry Duggan with Art by Evan “Doc” Shaner. The cover is by Alex Maleev (Shaner variant available).

Additionally, Lorraine Cink also provides us with a Marvel fashion rundown on “The Watcher.” (She is totally Groot.) Check it out:

She features Superior Iron Man’s showier costume, Thor’s helm with face mask, Odinson’s tattered-cape-bare-chest look (a personal favorite, let’s be real), and Squirrel Girl’s civilian look. She also covers the Spider-women – Spider Gwen’s sleek costume and Spider-Woman’s new winged look.

What are your thoughts on these updated fashions and the archetypal looks “1871” has to offer? Speak up in the comments!

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