Yesterday, Marvel announced “Spider-Women,” a new series which will take place after the events of the “Spider-verse” series published last year.

(Warning: “Spider-verse” spoilers below.)

In “Spider-verse,” the plot revealed that every multiverse version of Earth had a spider-esque hero, from a version of Spider-man controlled by Doctor Octopus’s brain (“Superior Spider-man”) to a world in which Gwen Stacy never died and got the powers of Spider-man (“Spider-Gwen”).

The “Spider-verse” series is about the villain Morlun and his travels through the multiverse; his goal is to murder every alternate Earth’s spider-hero.

During the “Spider-verse” series, the various spider-heroes team up (and sometimes clash). The series ends with Spider-Woman and Silk stranded in Spider-Gwen’s universe.

Writers Dennis Hopeless (“Spider-Woman”), Jason Latour (“Spider-Gwen”), and Robbie Thomson (Silk) are heading the project, which will be a crossover involving the leading spider-ladies from their respective series into a brand new adventure.

Robbie Thomson said, “There’s going to be adventure, intrigue, fisticuffs, and some big twists, but I’m most excited about the personal story for each of these characters as they go through this dimension-hopping event.” 

The series is set to have the all-female trio investigate doppelgangers, and I for one cannot wait to see what our heroines will get stuck with next.

The new series is highly anticipated, as Facebook stats indicate that women now make up 53% of the comic book-buying audience.

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