Upcoming Digital LARPs

The Geek Initiative runs digital larps, and we’re excited to have you at our next event!

We’re currently running Riders of the Apocalypse: playing out the end of Earth’s relationship with humankind. Learn more about the larp here.

Tickets are $25 for your first session; $10 (use code “GiveMeMore”) for each session thereafter, whether you play the same character or a new one in following sessions. And yes: the Rider roles are playable (you’ll work with the game designers on that) and we hope to shatter the mold when it comes to what these forces look like.

After you submit your order, you can expect an email with information about character surveys within the following three days.

If you are interested in an accessibility ticket, please reach out to: [email protected]

All scheduled times listed in Eastern Time zone. 


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