You ever have a LARP moment in which something happens and your character just kind of takes over and does something you would never have expected of her? Yeah, that kind of happened.

So I was at Seventh Kingdom, playing Ceara, almost ready to go home and sleep on the last night of the game. Then all these super awesome important people roll in and my character (who isn’t really from a kingdom because she’s a former fey) is like ‘GREAT, I’m going to go hang out with THAT king and try to become a visiting court bard!’ …Except it didn’t work like that. She ended up sitting at a table with raucous hellions (I mean she loves them all, but that’s what they are) and their king, and it was so crazy/weird/different.

I used to think Tumblr RPers were a bit odd when they were like ‘muse is taking over and mun cannot control!’ but at this level of immersion, I am starting to really understand.

It also makes me think of the ‘wild woman’ and ‘two selves’ as described in “Women Who Run With The Wolves.” So even though my character isn’t a warrior of any sort in the traditional sense, she has unlocked that aspect of herself after becoming mortal and redefining home.

I’m still working my way through the aforementioned book; the analyses aren’t easy to digest. However, I enjoy being able to see this whole ‘dual persona’ aspect of my character just as the characters in the stories in the book do. Definitely recommend it!

Have you ever experienced this type of moment? Tell me about it in the comments!

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