LARPed is a group of friends that go to Larps with friends! We enjoy going to and promoting some of the biggest Larps out there and sharing the fun with others. Our main goal is to introduce the amazing hobby of Larp to shapes, sizes, and ages of all types!

Before becoming a group, we casually promoted events to the point where we were the majority present at some events because we had brought so many friends! This became an opportunity for us to build something bigger, and we realized we could get more than just existing friends, and try to peak the interest of people who may even be unfamiliar with Larp. We then made a Facebook group to draw people in and we continue to grow exponentially every month with loads of new friends curious about how they can start Larping.

Our Facebook group is booming with fun people from all over the world! We have people who Larp all over the US, Canada, and even many countries in Europe! People interact on a daily basis exchanging information about fun Larps that they have been to, or need some friends to go with them, posting memes for people to relate to, or even telling stories about a Larp they had a great time at., our website, is another very strong part of who we are. We post promotional pieces to all of the Larps and conventions we have been to and plan to go to, reviews of Larp items such as crowns and swords, and we even hold online events from time to time such as our “Halloween Scary Storytellers” event.

Animore 2020 was LARPed’s first convention and we saw a magnitude of progress for our group. We grew over a hundred new members to our group of people who are excited to start Larping and learned about a lot of new Larps we had not had a chance to try out yet! We learned that the anime and gaming community is filled with people who can see Larping as a similar hobby.

We have found that there are Larps for just about everybody! From high fantasy, sci-fi larp, post-apocalyptic, horror, and even modern themes of Larp, there is bound to be something to interest everyone! Not only are there different playstyles of Larps, some Larps have combat, some are more political, and some even take place digitally!

Overall, we are just a group of friends that enjoy our hobby to the fullest and wants to share the fun with everyone around the world! If you are interested in going to your first larp or trying a new one out there is no reason to do it alone! Check out our website or Facebook group if you want to find out more or join in on the fun.


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