Many gamers use ‘LARP queen’ as a term to describe a player who uses her sexuality to socially dominate a live action role playing game. LARP queens can operate with this behavior in and out of character. While both males and females can exhibit this behavior, it is more often applied to females because in the past, more males than females played monthly campaign-style LARPs in the United States.

Whether you find the term offensive or agreeable, the stereotype does exist, and usually it is a woman portraying the stereotype. Inan article about avoiding stereotypes,’s Kiri Brasseur clarifies the LARP queen as one who goes beyond exemplifying assertive leadership qualities, using flirtation and other means to get what she wants.

Tumblr user fabricatedgeek criticized the listing of the stereotype as it identified mainly women, asserting that it only encourages females to be wary of each other at games.

So the stereotype exists as does the term ‘LARP queen.’ What can LARPers, as a community, do about it? Find out at