“I want all the guys in an MMO!
Behold my virtual boobies!” Pic:
Gail Rau: sxc.hu/profile/gun

I’ll say it: LARP queens get on my nerves. While women have every right to express themselves and flaunt their sexuality, it’s disruptive to the game and annoying when they try to capture the attention of everyone at the game for the sole purpose of getting attention.

I thought nothing could be more annoying than this–and then I ran into a LARP queen on Star Wars: The Old Republic, my favorite MMO.

I was tossing heals in PVP and was grouped with my friend who was playing a tank. I realize that sometimes LARP queens are healers also because–let’s face it–you get kudos and attention for helping people out. I agree that it is a rewarding role. While I hate healing in PVE, I do enjoy it in PVP.

Because I also play our guild ambassador, I’m mindful of the social aspect of MMOs. I try to make sure our guildies get along and do my best to deter conflicts involving people in our group. That said, when I met one particular player (we’ll call her Alice), it was a red flag. Here’s why.

She got angry when I healed ‘her’ tank. However, we were on the same team and her tank was almost dead.  I would expect her to do the same thing for ‘my’ tank.

She cut down other women in the game, but laughed and flirted with all of the males. I’m not sure why she doesn’t realize it…but it makes her look bad, not clever.

She tried to ‘own’ the men. She wants to exchange her services for loyalty and attention.

It’s my belief that most men have no clue about this game that many women play in RPGs, including LARPs and MMOs.

I play SWTOR to relax and chill out with my husband and my friends. When I play, I’m focused on the game and on enjoying the experience. I don’t want to have to keep my guard up against weird social threats who want to make me look bad in general chat. It’s so annoying.

I wish people like this would go back to high school. Why can’t we just help our teammates out and put aside these insecurities? I’m here to have fun!

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