Surpassing its goal of $15,000 within only a few days of its campaign, The LARP Box has properly been the most anticipated subscription box within the community this year. Eastern Front Designs launched the campaign box on Sunday, November 2nd and has been promoting the product since the beginning of the year.

What’s in the Box?

Some pretty cool things are in the box! The current box that they’ve been using for their campaign features Beyond the WallGame of Thrones–inspired LARP in Maine. 
From their Kickstarter campaign:

“Every month we pick a new list of items centered around a common theme (like elves, zombies, dragons, etc.) and then send our subscribers a box filled with those items. Its going to be a surprise so you wont know ahead of time what’s in the box, only that it will be related to that theme.
 We will also be picking one “LARP of the Month” that is related to the monthly theme and include free advertising for that game.”

LARP Marketing

Marketing for LARP events are crucial for a game’s survival. Many games are unknown outside their immediate regions and look for more players who are willing to travel to well-written events, under the level of other blockbusters, such as Bicolline, New World Magischola, and others. What makes this box spread the word even more so about games is the fact that real games are being used as each month’s distribution of products. LARP owners will need to have a functioning website, a likeable page on Facebook, a running game, and high quality photos for consideration. Items may ranch from shirts, books, crafts, licensed merchandise, tools, stationery, crafts, and DIY kits. TGI‘s LARPer Profiles and chat room groups such as LARP Haven have helped spread the word about other games, but I’m glad about this opportunity. Freelance artists are encouraged to apply for commissions.

What are your thoughts on the campaign? We’d love to know!