God Save the King.” Mercy bid farewell to the tailor as she exited the shop. She had, as usual, inquired about the latest fashions from Paris. And she had, as always, found frustration when she was told they were not practical for her work and life here in the City of Philadelphia.

Mercy’s secretary awaited her at the exit. Still learning the trade, the young man was eager to prove himself at the bank—which meant ingratiating himself to the impeccable loyalist to whom he was beholden.

“Please have a courier deliver the final tallies at a later hour. I shall still be awake.” It wouldn’t be the first time Mercy worked by candlelight. She was known along Pine Street for burning that candle on the desk by her window well past three in the morning. Every now and then, she liked staying up late enough to see the farmers bring produce down the street, their carts’ wheels a preemptive wake-up call.

For now, she walked down Fifth Street at an abrupt pace, flanked by the secretary Jonathan and a redcoat who had been waiting as her escort. Her metal and enamel chatelaine clinked at her waist as she walked, today in a dress of red and blue. Her brisk walk home was uneventful; she chatted with Jonathan about accounts and casually greeted members of society in the street.

With her secretary minding the accounts and her guard ever vigilant, Mercy arrived at her home and accessed the key at her waist to unlock the door. As she looked down at the key in her hand, she noticed something on the step to her door: a piece of parchment.

“What is that?” she asked curiously, opening the door.

Jonathan bent down and retrieved the paper, then held it up for them to read together. It was entitled:


Mercy snatched it from Jonathan’s hands, eyes wide in shock, unaware that the young man seemed more fascinated than threatened. Without reading further, the banker handed the note to the guard.

“Take this to your superiors,” she instructed. “Dissent is akin to blasphemy,” she shook her head, making her way inside. The redcoat took it with a nod, then headed on his way.

“Have a good evening, Ms. Clark,” concluded Jonathan, turning to head back to the bank.


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