Infinitesimal Blip

In the inky black near Ursa Major,

NASA sent the Hubble into the void.

On just a hunch and dangerous wager,

And our perception of space was destroyed.

Three thousand galaxies were discovered.

Eight years pass and once again they succumb

To curiosity and recovered

Light from ten thousand more, who could fathom

Many infinite possibilities.

How vast is the universe’s expanse?

Of one hundred billion more galaxies,

How could humanity deny the chance

We are an infinitesimal blip

On another planet’s telescope trip.

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Whitney is a geek blogger from Minnesota. She enjoys animation (Western and otherwise), D&D, writing, sketching, and playing trumpet. Some of her favorite series include Doctor Who, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Firefly, So You Think You Can Dance, Sailor Moon (Classic AND Crystal), Bob's Burgers, and many others.Check out her work on Tumblr! (Personal) (Writing) (Custom Made Miis for Nintendo's Tomodachi Life on 3DS)

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