I had the greatest of privileges to interview Athena Finger, granddaughter of famous comic book artist and writer Bill Finger. I am very happy that she participated in this interview. It was an honor getting to know more about her and her grandfather, of whom I am a fan. Readers of this blog, this is your opportunity to get a peek into the life of one of the most awesome women I am acquainted with. Enjoy! 

Athena Finger

Athena Finger

Brandon Rieckhoff: What is it that you do for a living?

Athena Finger: I am a mathematics professor.

BR: What was the first comic book you read?

AF: Garfield the Cat.

BR: Did your grandfather ever receive recognition for Batman, or was it always Bob Kane?

AF: Up until recently it was only Bob Kane.

BR: Why do you think Bill never received recognition? His name was on the comics when Batman first appeared, no?

AF: Bob Kane had knowledge of contracts from his family and knew that he would want to secure only his name attached to the Batman.

BR: Was it Bob’s intention to keep Bill from getting credit?

AF: I don’t know if that was his intention, but that’s what happened.

BR: Did that stop Bill from working in comics?

AF: No. He wrote for the industry up until he passed away.

BR: I know he created the Golden Age (Alan Scott) Green Lantern. What other comics did Bill have his hand in helping?

AF: Wildcat, and he created Lana Lang for the Superman comics.

BR: That is very awesome. Did you grow up reading any of his comics?

AF: Very few. Not much of a comic reader.

BR: What do you prefer to read?

AF: I read Stephen King growing up.

BR: Have you seen any episodes of the television show “Gotham”? If so, what do you think?

AF:  I have seen the first season. I think it’s great.

BR: Is there anything you want our readers to know?

AF: Yes. I would like the fans to know that the Finger family is thrilled with the credit given to Bill, and it was amazing seeing his name on the big screen!

BR: Finally, is there any advice you have for our readers?

AF: Fight for what you are passionate about.

What do you think about how creators are credited in the comic book industry? What do you want to see changed? Let us know about it in the comments!