High Level Games Con (HLG Con) comes to Atlantic City, New Jersey this October 12-14th. It’s run by the High Level Games community, which boasts a podcast, blog, and active fan community. The convention is focused on tabletop and larp (live action role play).

There’s no shortage of conventions with that description these days. So what makes HLG Con special? 

Who’s Going to Be At HLG Con?

New Agenda Publishing is going to be there, and they’re going to be promoting the heck out of diversity within the gaming community. Nice. NAP will be running a brand new game, ‘Orun: A Post Apotheosis Space Opera.’ The Orisha are involved. This promises to be a unique experience, and hello, Space Opera. The quickstart rules are available on NAP’s website.

ConTessa will also make an appearance. They are dedicated to bringing more minority-led events to conventions—including games and workshops. Anyone interested in leading any events should pop on over to ConTessa’s website and sign the hell up. Got a friend who wants to run a seminar or a game? Have them sign the hell up, too.

What’s Happening at This Shindig?


Pandaemonium, that’s what. Long story short, there’s a liminal space, a strange location where individuals in small factions are trapped. How did they get there? What’s going on? And what do those other unsavory-looking individuals have planned? This larp, created by six studios plus The Geek Initiative, promises to answer that—all wrapped in a spooky, ’80s aesthetic. Pandaemonium is a two-night blockbuster event at HLG Con.

There is a set of ‘marquee larps’—four-hour one-shots from a delightful larp assortment. Enjoy one or more of these larps (yes, a ticket to that one-shot is included in the Pandaemonium cost).

The marquee larps include Speakeasy—by our very own TGI staff in joint production with Drowning Moon Studios—and an exciting adventure from Event Horizon. Event Horizon is on a very short list of science fiction larps, so it’s a must-play for the fans of that genre. Each game takes place at a different junction in history—one of prime importance. Their world document is available on their website.

There is also a larp playtest for Huldufolk—so it’s time to put the system through its paces. There is still ample time to check out the setting information and sign up for one of the factions pursuing personal goals within the game.

We at TGI are eagerly awaiting the complete vendor list and the artist list. So far, there is a partial list available here. By that same token, there is still plenty of time to apply to vend and display your own artwork.

HLG Con is also running games on demand. So, they’re running what you want to play. Might be a good idea to let HLG know ahead of time, and get your crew together!

HLG Con’s Strict Anti-Harassment Policy

Some conventions still haven’t gotten the memo that cosplay doesn’t equal consent. But, HLG Con has a pretty good idea of who exactly is at fault in a harassment scenario, and what should be done with them. Their harassment policy is public, transparent, and absolutely clear. So no need to worry about the staff not being on the right side.

We at TGI look forward to covering the event, and seeing all of your wonderful faces at HLG Con. If you see any of us, don’t be afraid to give us a hello!

Editorial disclosure: The author received compensation from HLG Con for creating this post as a promotional piece. The Geek Initiative and its founder (Tara M. Clapper) are participating in this event on a for-profit basis. As always, TGI is firmly committed to joining events that focus on safety and inclusion, and HLG Con has been a priority for us due to this reason.