tgilogoCan you believe it’s been almost two years since the launch of The Geek Initiative? Since then, we’ve garnered over 50,000 organic page views from readers interested in women in geek culture – that includes beloved comic book characters, important crowdfunded projects, writers and artists, authors, and more.

Since our launch, we’ve been inspired by the forces at work for equal representation in geek media and we’re honored to highlight the many positive examples.

As it stands, The Geek Initiative pays for its own web hosting and domain costs through advertising, which is awesome. As a writer and publisher, I feel that it’s incredibly important that our talented contributors and editors are paid for their work. With few exceptions, all of the content on this site was created and submitted on a volunteer basis. This topic is important – and it deserves paid coverage.

That’s why we’ve launched a campaign on Indiegogo. This funding will sustain our efforts as we increase website traffic and ramp up subscription-based funding (but don’t worry – all of our content will remain free).

Please support our efforts and spread the word by sharing this post and our campaign. If you appreciate our content, please donate to our site.

Thank you,

Tara M. Clapper

Senior Editor