December 14, 2015: Chris Bell here, RPG Editor at TGI.Today I am interviewing Tim Bruhn, who is heading up a unique charity project in the Seattle area. Tim is part of the team at All Comics Considered, I’ll let him explain it. Tim, why not tell us about yourself and your project?

Tim Bruhn of All Comics Considered

Tim Bruhn: Hi Chris, the initiative is called Project Superkid, and the concept is pretty simple – we want to ask our fans to help out by donating cash or comics to us so that we can bundle them up for the holidays and get them into the hands of foster kids this holiday season.

By we, I mean my myself and my partners: Marty, Hannah and Nick, at – people can donate cash at
We’ll be distributing the comics in Seattle by partnering with great outfit called Treehouse and in Chicago with Youth Outreach Services.
Chris Bell: Tell me how this all got started and what gave you the idea.
TB: When I was working at PopCap games the CEO introduced us to the head honcho over at Charity:Water. I was inspired to help for the first time in my life and did my first fundraiser. With help we were able to raise enough funds to dig a well and provide additional services.
Since then I’ve wanted to do something useful in the world and therefore I launch projects every year. Project Superkid is in its first year.
CB: Tell me how this is working so far and what reaction has been like.
Well, we launched the donation site on Nov 20th, the goal is $500 and we’re already at $100. That’s a pretty good start, and reaction has been uniformly positive!
CB: Tell me about you, and how you started as a comics fan.
TB: When I was a young kid, my mom and dad got a divorce. One of dad’s friends, Frank, brought me brown grocery bag full of comics. I read and re-read issues of Cockrum and Byrne era X-Men, Micronauts, Miller’s Daredevil, and Wolfman and Perez’s All New Teen Titans.
I was a sad kid, and comics let me escape for a while.
I was hooked and as soon as I got my first money as a paperboy I’d spend them on comic books.
CB: Do you have any plans to expand this – maybe adding free RPG or other nerd stuff to the bundles, etc.?
TB: Maybe we’ll expand this for next year. I wanted to keep it small and simple for year one since we were acting on a somewhat compressed timeline!
CB: Free question! What do you feel is the biggest issue in comics right now that relates to your project?
TB: You know, it might be portability. What I mean is that it might be somewhat easier for kids to have access to comics through a service like Marvel Unlimited. (Their online comic book distribution system.)
Find out more about Project Superkid here!  Please be generous in your support of this awesome project and check out Tim Bruhn and All Comics Considered!