Are you trapped in a world where motivation seems to be at an all-time low due to COVID-19? Have you lost the desire to adult, and regularly find yourself putting things off in a sadistic hope that they will eventually fade away and no longer be relevant? If these fit true for you, or you’re just busy all the time, let me introduce you to the Stuff App.

What Does Stuff do?

It can do a lot of things, and sometimes its just a task of being creative to come up with new ideas. Here are some ways I have used the app to really save me a lot of time and energy:

  • Schedule doctors appointments.
  • Negotiate changes on your cable/internet/phone packages.
  • Setup hair appointments.
  • Call in prescription refills.
  • Set up random appointments.
  • Create calendar invites that are emailed to you for easy calendar integration.
  • Call/email/text places for information.
  • Cancel/reschedule appointments.
  • Find contractors or services in your area.
  • Set up traveling accommodations.

Probably the golden ticket here, is there tenacity to hunt individuals and businesses down to get you answers and action that you need. For example, an elusive landlord that is generally unwilling to make repairs or even answer your phone call – will receive multiple calls/emails/texts until a response is received.

There’s so many ways to use Stuff! It’s saved me an incredible amount of time.

How does it work?

First, you have to download the app.

Second, you setup your profile and subscribe to the service. You get one month free and then it rebills as a subscription for $10 a month.

Third, you start assigning tasks. If you’re not sure where something fits, you can choose the closest one.

Fourth, you will be assigned a personal assistant automatically, who will follow up if they have questions on your task.

Fifth, once your task is complete, they will reach out and tell you – then you mark it as complete or can ask follow up questions.

Where Can I Get Stuff?

Available in the Android Marketplace and Apple store, the Stuff app provides you with your own team of personal assistants that are available to help you out with your daily tasks.

What are the Limitations of the Stuff App?

There are very few draw backs to Stuff, especially considering the value. Mainly, the struggle revolves around the constant juggle between teammates on Stuff. For example, some businesses will only release your information and talk to specific people. Because of the nature of the app, its not possible to name a specific individual. For calls like this, you must still call.

Also, there are some differences between the personal assistants I’ve received. Sometimes, the individual is incredibly critically thinking – other times, you have to spell things out step by step. The desire for the assistants to complete tasks is high – so sometimes I’ve had to go back and forth to get the results I’ve wanted.

Interested in Giving it a Try?

Download Stuff yourself, and get started with your personal assistants doing… stuff:  – access this link directly from your mobile device.