Geek Marketing Services

With so much talent at The Geek Initiative, building a geeky content agency was inevitable. The site’s founder and publisher, Tara M. Clapper, has over fifteen years of experience in the publishing and marketing industries. She’s done everything from personal and corporate branding to professional website copywriting and social media marketing. Harnessing the power of such a talented team and network of offbeat geeks, we’ve created niche marketing opportunities specifically for businesses and individuals doing geeky stuff, like:

  • Content marketing (also copywriting, manuscript formatting, and editing)
  • Social media marketing across multiple platforms
  • Website design (simple to complex)
  • White hat SEO (search engine optimization) and skyscraper content strategy
  • Marketing consultation for small businesses
  • Crowdfunding RPGs, board games, and content sites

Our Core Beliefs

The Geek Initiative is an inclusive, woman-run agency. We believe that inclusive feminism is a lifestyle – not a commodity. We specialize in circumventing and disrupting traditional, male-dominated marketing and publishing establishments, but also recognize and practice traditional methods that work well within established frameworks. This means targeted and deliberate reach for your geeky brand or service.

Pricing for Geeky Marketing Services

While we do per project pricing based upon your needs and the experience levels of our contributors, we pay our content creators a living wage for the content they create via the agency. Most of these services will cost you $45-$105 per hour, depending on needs. We do per project pricing in most cases to ensure a fair value for you and the content creator. In this capacity, The Geek Initiative functions as an agency, mentoring our staff to professionally take on the responsibility of creating and marketing your content.

Marketing Consultations 

Our marketing consultations are done by phone, Discord, or Skype and are personally handled by TGI’s founder and publisher, Tara M. Clapper. Tara specializes in helping with general marketing strategy for:

  • Women and women-owned businesses
  • Game designers and gaming companies
  • Brands wishing to genuinely market inclusively to a progressive audience

You can order and book a marketing consultation directly. Here’s how:

  • Order securely through Paypal. Make sure to include your email address with your order.