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You may have noticed I’ve been hard at work recently – not only have I been running, streaming, and promoting CHARIOT LARP, I’ve been doing my usual workload of content and marketing work behind the scenes. While Michelle keeps classic TGI running by mentoring our writers and finding new content, I’ve been supporting myself as an editor and content developer in a way that merges my brand with The Geek Initiative, helping it grow.

And as we grow, we’ll be able to subcontract the talented writers and editors we cultivate and mentor, paying them a fair wage.

It’s All About Storytelling

Whether I’m doing a developmental edit of a novel, writing a LARP, or offering a marketing consultation to an innovative brand, I’m helping others tell their stories. Fundamentally, that’s what I do whether I’m operating in the LARP scene or networking with digital marketers and small business owners at tech conferences here in Philadelphia.

Editing Services for Brands and Geeks

As I continue to seek out editing work in particular, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some game designers and role players I deeply admire. In the last year and a half, I’ve edited blockbuster LARP rules and related publications, rules heavy tabletop RPGs, and tons of marketing collateral and blog posts for business owners and startups.

About My Editing Rates

As a self-employed freelance individual, setting rates is always a challenge. Ask any editor. Industry professionals, especially in marketing or traditional publishing, will say my rates are extremely low and that I’m undervaluing myself, especially since I’ve worked for a self-publishing company, academic authors, large corporations, startups, and a variety of clients as an editor.

Indie authors, on the other hand, sometimes feel my rates are high.

That’s why I’ve arrived in the middle, offering multiple options such as a very low-cost stream rate.

Why Am I Qualified to Be Your Editor?

Aside from my experience and education, I actually enjoy editing. I adjust my tone according to my client, too, so if you need me to be especially diplomatic with my critique, it’s not an issue. You can learn more about my qualifications on my LinkedIn profile.

What Kind of Work Do You Edit and What Are Your Editing Rates?

Lots of stuff. I have a whole page about it over here.

For complete editing rates, click the image on the right.

The Legal Stuff: LLC Pending

Now that The Geek Initiative handles a heavier amount of content, pays vendors (and contributors whenever we can), and runs LARP events, it’s time to legitimize it as a business. This is a major step in realizing my dream. This week, I am filing for The Geek Initiative to become an LLC in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the United States. Hooray!

Got Questions? Send Us an Email

We love your editing questions! If the rate card doesn’t answer it – or if you’re all ready to get started – you can reach us at

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